Write Your Book

How Do I Go About Putting My Book Together?

In this coaching program, I will work with you in one of two ways. I can either serve as your guide through the entire process where you do the bulk of the writing and creating , or I can offer a "done-for-you" option which would require less time on your part.

I can help you define your topic, help you discover your unique position in the market, help your organize your ideas, provide you with resources that will help you be a successful author and marketer of your book, link you up with resources that will help you get your book formatted and cover designed, and steer you toward a printing solution that will generate the number of copies you want.

I also have resources that can handle many of those issues for you.

Many people try to undertake this project on their own, and there’s really nothing wrong with that. However, all great champions have a coach or a guide—someone to steer them in the right direction, see the blind spots, and expand your thought process to a place where it may never have gone before.

My expertise is helping someone put together a non-fiction book because that is what I have done. I will be honest and say that if your ambition is to write a fiction novel, then I am not your guy. I haven’t done that ,and I would have an issue teaching something I have never done before. There are lots of coaches out there who might be able to help you put a great novel together if that’s what you want to do instead.

If you want to know more about how to have your book done for you, visit http://writeabookforyou.com.

So How Do I Get Started?

Contact me to arrange a free 30-minute call to make sure we’re a good match. I promise that I won’t give you a hard sell or make you feel like you have to work with me. If we’re a match, you’ll know it. If we aren't then that is fine as well.

Contact me through my website, or you can call me at 480-225-7472.

Leave me a message and we can schedule a time to talk on the phone so we can discuss your project.

If you want to finally achieve a level of authority and credibility that only a book can provide, reach out to me right now.

You will be so glad you did.