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Choose Your Associates Wisely

One of my favorite authors is Robert Kiyosaki, and on a number of occasions as I read his material, I run across a really profound thought: Those who cannot keep small commitments won’t help you make your big dreams come true. This is really interesting as I can think of several applications…… ** If someone…

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Communicate Effectively For Greater Success

When I was a teacher at a small business college in Nebraska, one of my favorite exercises I did with my public speaking class was to play “The Telephone Game.” I would begin by having my class sit in a circle, then I would whisper a message into someone’s ear. In turn, that person would…

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Gratitude is the beginning of success

As Thanksgiving has past, I have thought about many of the things I am thankful for—things that people in many countries may not necessarily enjoy: -family -career -safe home to live in -friends -financial opportunities! Gratitude is the beginning of success, and if you have ever read the book “The Secret”, that is a central…

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Ask for what you want

One character quality of a successful person is the ability to ask for what you want. I had an opportunity to do this earlier this summer when I went to my dentist. I really like the dentist I go to, but I previously had a bad experience with one of the dental hygienists there a…

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In Pursuit of the Olympic Dream

The most successful people in life achieve their dreams because they are completely committed to their objective. Those who compete in the Olympics certainly fit that mold. My first experience watching the Olympics on television was during the 1972 Summer Games when I saw a huge Russian weightlifter win the Gold Medal. I was six…

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