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Everything You Want

One of my favorite motivational authors, and also one of my favorite guests on the show, is Jack Canfield. His book The Success Principles is a must-read for anyone who has not had a chance to dive into it. There’s a quote of his that I have been thinking about lately, and it’s simply this:…

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Never quit!

I want to share something I saw on Facebook recently. I love when people post positive motivational things, but it makes me think. Here is one of my favorites from this past week: Never quit. If you stumble, get back up. What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today’s another day. So get back on track…

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Think Even Bigger!

This weekend I was listening to some CDs in my car by T Harv Eker, who wrote Secrets of the Millonaire Mind, and is the head of Peak Potentials Training. I attended one of his seminars  called the Millionaire Mind Intensive and these CDs were part of that course. One of the many things that…

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Dealing With Challenges

There were a couple of days this past week where I felt a little lost, to be honest. I had a couple of things happen to me that I perceived as really bad, and it knocked me over for a bit as life can tend to do. But then I had an interesting reminder. I…

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Creating Epic Friendships

A couple days ago, I had perhaps the most epic phone conversation I have ever had. It was with one of my very best friends, and it lasted for over 5 hours. How does something like that happen? Think about the people who are your closest friends. Most people are lucky to have 1-2 really…

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