There were a couple of days this past week where I felt a little lost, to be honest. I had a couple of things happen to me that I perceived as really bad, and it knocked me over for a bit as life can tend to do.

But then I had an interesting reminder. I could choose my response to this. When we take our eyes off of our goals, or even when we lack clarity, we tend to let life happen to us instead of taking control over our situation. Once I realized this (again) things got a lot better.

We choose our response to what happens to us—the difference is whether or not we are aware we are making that choice—and if we ARE aware, it gives us more power to make the correct choice.


So the next time you have something bad happen, ask yourself a few important questions:


–What’s good about this?

–What can I change?

–What can I NOT change?


Knowing the answers to these questions can help us formulate our best strategies to deal with things as they arise, as well as not worry about the things we can do nothing about.

Try it this week. You will be so glad you did!

So, What Do You think?

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