I was talking with a friend recently about the idea of owning your awesomeness. We all have unique strengths and abilities that make us special people. Sometimes it can be very difficult to see how that is true, and sometimes we just need to be reminded.

I believe ALL  of us are gifted and talented,and our job is to discover what that is.

Some people are fortunate enough to figure that out very early in life. Tiger Woods was given a golf club by his dad when he was 3 years old, and through his God-given talent and a lot of practice he become the best in the world in his generation.

Some people figure it out quite late in life. Colonel Sanders didn’t start his chicken franchise until he had retired.

Sadly enough, many people never really figure it out at all. They drift and let life take them where ever it wants to, then they wonder why they haven’t accomplished anything significant.

It is up to YOU to figure out what you want and where you plan on going.

No matter who you are or where you are…..YOU ARE ENOUGH!  Discover and use the talents you have, and whatever you aren’t good at…ask for help. Everything that is needed to accomplish your big dream is available to you. It’s just a matter of finding it. You will be amazed at what help is available to you if you only ask for it. Nobody is meant to do it all by themselves.

So embrace how wonderfully and abundantly blessed you really are.

YOU are worth it!

So, What Do You think?

    2 replies to "Own Your Awesomeness"

    • Kris


      Love the message. Keep ‘Em comin! The world needs your special talents too!!!

      • Brian Wright

        Thank you , Kris! I appreciate you sharing that!

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